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Sadhguru on Osho – The Two Diamonds to Discover your Inner Self! –

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Happy new year

A new year has come with lots of happinesss , positiveness and compassion in life Continue reading

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कुराे नेपाली राजिनितकाे

सन्सारमा सबैभन्दा बिढ राजिनित ले िबकृत बनाएकाे देश भनेर नेपाल लाइ िचिनन्छ । यित धेरै पाकृितक सम्पदा र सम्भावना हुदाहुदै पिन नेपालीको िजवनस्तर न्युन हुनाकाे कारण खराब राजिनित नै हाे भनेर ठाेकुवा गर्ने धेरै अाधारहरु छन । हुन त िवश्वका  धेरै देशमा राजनैतिक अस्िथरता कायमै छ र जनताहरु शान्तिपूर्ण िजवनयापन गर्न पाएका छैनन् । तर नेपालमा जस्तो बेिथित कमै देशमा मात्रै मैले सुनेकाे छु ।
हुन त सकारात्मक साेचले मात्रै पिरवर्तन सम्भव हुन्छ , तर याे देशमा िछटै ब्यवस्थामा पिरवर्तन अाउला जस्तो लाग्दैन । सरकारी हाेस वा िनिज कुनै पिन ठाउमा राम्रो मान्छे भन्दा हाम्रो मान्छे काे िनयुक्ित हुन्छ । खासगरी अाफ्ना कार्यकर्ता र अाफन्त लाइ भर्न सबै हािकमहरु तल्लीन देिखन्छन । जबसम्म याेग्यता र खुबीकाे कदर हुदैन , तबसम्म जुनसुकै सरकार अायपिन , जाेसुकै मन्त्री बनेपिन देशकाे अवस्था सुध्िरने छैन । देशमा इमानदारीताकाे राजिनित खाचो छ काेही छ याे देशलाई उकास्ने ? म त्यस्ताे मािनस खाेिजरहेछु


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happy new year

it’s a new year eve of 2016. i am not celebrating this new year .i tried to past this night till 12 for welcome new year by watching t.v but neither any program nor movie can draw my attention . why not i enjoy on wordpress ?
there are several reason i haven’t good mood of enjoying this night .one of them is i am now in village after twelve year . i used to be at Kathmandu last years where used to  been special new year program and i am not in happy mood of scarcity of every things caused by indian blockade . on last year , i had new plans about whole comming year about career ,travel and lifestyles . i used to have strong promices for replacing good habits removing bads . i don’t have anything except a hope of living wonderfully whatever the condition will .
  people make plan for their better life . but i couldn’t make any plans for my life .whatever i did spontaneously .i hadn’t any plans of becoming doctor , pilot or others prestigous jobs nor i had dream of earning millions . since my chilhood ,when i started to read , i have dream of becoming writer . that dream was lost on quagmire not dead yet .i couldn’t write any notable piece .i will try forever .

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teachers have satisfaction on the results of their students in the nepali context .They haven’t got financial success by teaching nor they have social prestige as other profession .teacher is consider successful if he got hundred percent result by his students .when the results limited only 10 percent who is guilty ? i have such unexpected results last internal exam . in spite of my hard labour and dedicated teaching , the result is not satisfied .

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I thought politics is the system or rule of national authority .it has limits with common people . i heard mostly thirty to forty percent people take participation on election in europian countries and Usa .the statistics may be incorrect ,but like south asian countries ,in others parts of world politics is not common people interest . In my country Nepal , it has spread in every sector .if you aren’t engage in any party or if you are not cadres of party ,your qualification ,ability and capacity are worthless .simply ,you can not live in this country .this may be main reason of failure of country .

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