happy new year

it’s a new year eve of 2016. i am not celebrating this new year .i tried to past this night till 12 for welcome new year by watching t.v but neither any program nor movie can draw my attention . why not i enjoy on wordpress ?
there are several reason i haven’t good mood of enjoying this night .one of them is i am now in village after twelve year . i used to be at Kathmandu last years where used to  been special new year program and i am not in happy mood of scarcity of every things caused by indian blockade . on last year , i had new plans about whole comming year about career ,travel and lifestyles . i used to have strong promices for replacing good habits removing bads . i don’t have anything except a hope of living wonderfully whatever the condition will .
  people make plan for their better life . but i couldn’t make any plans for my life .whatever i did spontaneously .i hadn’t any plans of becoming doctor , pilot or others prestigous jobs nor i had dream of earning millions . since my chilhood ,when i started to read , i have dream of becoming writer . that dream was lost on quagmire not dead yet .i couldn’t write any notable piece .i will try forever .


About chakrapanidumre

a strange spirit of human who likes travelling, reading and writing. i teach mathematics , enjoy with literature . i am searching combination on them .
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