picnic or outing

Apart from our regular duties and responsibilities , we sonetimes go picnic or outing for enjoy . although the enjoyment is short , expensive and unhealthy ,it gives certain degrees of refreshment and excitement in our life . we lose ourselves on voracious food , drink ,game and music sothat we can forget our identity  . in commen cense , we want forget our work and duties and enjoy the freedom . I frequently partipate such program that gives the tonic on my life’s philosophy  . Are we all be constrained in our jobs ? May be some people have their favourite jobs , they do what they have passion on doing the work . Are they tired from their passions ? some rare people have totally freedoms on their works .such people also enjoy on refresh on outings . whatever the reasons and effects of such enjoyment ,picnic and outings are gradually becoming the culture of modern nepali society .


About chakrapanidumre

a strange spirit of human who likes travelling, reading and writing. i teach mathematics , enjoy with literature . i am searching combination on them .
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