big news

it was loadsedding yeasterday so I couldn’t get chance to watch television . i rarely listen radio or fm when I have access of t.v . i have to depend on newspaper for hot news .the habit of reading newspaper also have been decreasing on the dominance of social site facebook and twitter .the news was spread everywhere but I am unware about it .
it is not good news that the gang fighting inside the CA hall . the fighter were none but our parliament member ,our leader and our member of government .it seems as funny joke that many chairs were brocken on fighting .every one have right for note of decent on democracy but they cannot hurt to any one .it is shame that ca members are fighting like animals .how can we hope for them ,they can make constitution for better nepal .as the one of voter ,i have regret on our selected candidate .


About chakrapanidumre

a strange spirit of human who likes travelling, reading and writing. i teach mathematics , enjoy with literature . i am searching combination on them .
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