its my second time .i haven’t hoped too much .you may say it’s not clear . yea i am deliberately making you unclear .it’s because Iam not clear why I gave this test .

before five month ,I gave english test named academic ielts .i was planning to go abroad any of english continent .so I need engish test .although that time astraliya was hot cake but i wasn’t sure .i was destined us or any other europe . i did little efort to increase my level but I was average . this band wasn’t enough for me as i should had apply for scholarship .that my plan was lost .that time what i thought I took this general test date .
it takes next thirteen days for my result but i am not enthusiastic with result .I have no plan with this mark as apply for canadian pr time has finished .the criteria of this application was beyond my brand that I am not hope for .
by teaching private college ,i earn some amount .that was enough for my staying at Kathmandu .known as frugal and miser I collect some amount and afford for dates .when will the process may be ended ?


About chakrapanidumre

a strange spirit of human who likes travelling, reading and writing. i teach mathematics , enjoy with literature . i am searching combination on them .
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