I believe that friendship is the most intimate relation . It is the relationship that is bonded by his interest , emotions .it has not any legal attachments ,so it’s higher than others .if you want break the relation ,you can break any time and reunite any time
In my life , I haven’t made more friends but whome I made they are forever . I believe that how many friends you have that’s not matter ,but it matters how long time you have . I have totally faith on friends .any friend can’t blame me he deceive me and I haven’t heard yet . but I was totally destroyed by some intimate . last year ,I was cheated by dearest one badly , then I am enlightened . Don’t believe totally rather than self .but the life without friends may barren and dried .


About chakrapanidumre

a strange spirit of human who likes travelling, reading and writing. i teach mathematics , enjoy with literature . i am searching combination on them .
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